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"If two brains are better than one then many brains: Challenge Owners, Creative Catalysts, Expert Witnesses and Super-Consumers all thinking together must be brilliant! Discover how we harness the power of many brains to tackle Design, Brand Identity and Development."

Web Development

Brand Development

Graphic Design

Print/Package Design

Our Portfolio

"We work to maintain every aspect of our work for the journey ahead, so that it can grow with your brand. Whether we're continuously adding capabilities and updates to your site, developing content for your social media presence, creating new assets for that next public appearance, your brand is always in good hands with Four Twenty Brands Solution."

Who 'R' We?

"We understand that the whole objective is only as good as the nuts and bolts that compose it..." ~ Four Twenty Brands Solution


The time is ‘Four.Twenty’. We believe wholeheartedly that building brands isn’t about one company providing a service for another but rather growing like a friendship over the years. We’re not interested in turning over tables and moving on to the next town. We’re interested in the long haul.

Four.Twenty Brands Solution is an independent graphic design & branding web development based out of Ghana. We began on a single laptop computer in a small room in 2010 and has been steadily working to build our brand into a world class branding agency. We are highly creative and love to know how things work.

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Four.Twenty Brands Solution has garnered considerable attention for its unique approach to design utilizing typographic illustration in conjunction with a modern, yet minimalistic sensibility. Our qualities ensure our clients receive professional and reliable service regardless of geographic location.

We are looking forward to making your acquaintance… Friend! Your brand is always in good hands with Us.

Past & Present Clients

We thrive on victories large and small for the brands we work with. Staying the course in the long haul requires a helpful hand. At Four.Twenty Brands Solutions, every job received is a start of a friendship between Us and Client, We are proud to call you our “Friend...”

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